The Big Picture

2021 in Brief

Össur is a global leader in non-invasive orthopaedics

Business Segments
USD 719 million

Sales in 2021 by Segments

Regional Overview and Financial Highlights

as % of sales
USD 339 million
Organic growth: 8%
FTEs: ~1,400


as % of sales
USD 315 million
Organic growth: 12%
FTEs: ~1,500


as % of sales
USD 65 million
Organic growth: 9%
FTEs: ~200


Organic growth


EBITDA margin


Cash generated by operations



HQ FTEs: 600

Sustainability and CSR highlights

Gender Ratio


Female in management postitions


Waste recycled


Incident rate per 100 FTEs

4.1 of 5.0

Global employee satisfaction

The Big Picture

Year in Review

Össur’s 50th anniversary year was memorable in numerous ways. Paralympic Records, World Records, carbon neutrality, new products, and noteworthy recognition on many fronts. Strong partnerships with our customers and end-users continue to strengthen our commitment to Life Without Limitations®.

The Big Picture

Össur at a Glance

Össur is a global leader in non-invasive orthopaedics; innovating, producing, and providing advanced and innovative technological solutions within the prosthetics and bracing & supports market. Our mission is to improve the mobility of our end-users so they can live their Life Without Limitations®.

We Improve People's Mobility

Since the foundation of Össur in 1971, 50 years ago, the Company has grown through a healthy combination of organic development and acquisitions, both in Prosthetics and Bracing & Supports. Össur has a strong global presence in its industries and key markets and is well positioned to leverage future growth opportunities. Össur’s main focus areas are innovation, growth and efficiency. Össur is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen, has operations in 35 countries and has around 4,000 employees across the globe. Össur is signatory to the UN Global Compact, UN Women’s Empowerment Principles, contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and became carbon neutral in 2021.

Life Without Limitations®

We strive to create a Life Without Limitations® for our end-users. They are at the core of everything we do, and we specialize in providing qualitative and comprehensive solutions to their wide range of individual needs.

Our End-Users

We help our end-users to advance in their everyday life and pursue their goals without limitations. Prosthetics are used by individuals who are living with limb loss or limb difference for a variety of reasons. Vascular disease, diabetes, trauma, and congenital defects are some of the more common reasons. Bracing & Supports are used by individuals who develop knee pain, are diagnosed with osteoarthritis in their joints, incur fractures to their ligaments or injure themselves causing movement impairment.

World Class Innovation Capabilities

Significant investment in research and development has resulted in over 2,000 patents, award-winning designs, successful clinical outcomes, and consistently strong market positions. Every year, we invest around 5% of sales in research and development to progress and enhance our product portfolio for the benefit of our end-users. Össur is a pioneer of advanced technology with top tier brand recognition based on quality and high reliability, providing scientifically proven solutions that deliver effective clinical outcomes. We emphasize listening to and learning from our end-users to develop successful products. By understanding our end-users’ needs, through continuous development and pushing the boundaries of technology, we continue to create some of the best products and services available in Prosthetics and Bracing & Supports. In 2021, we introduced 14 new products to the market.

Our Segments

Össur operates within two market segments of the orthopaedic market: Prosthetics and Bracing & Supports. Prosthetic products include artificial limbs and related products for amputees while bracing & supports products are used to support joints and other body parts, both for preventive and therapeutic purposes.

End-User Profile
Improving Mobility

Mechanical Products

People living with lower extremity amputation

Broad product offering for lower extremity prosthesis

Bionic Products

People living with lower and upper extremity amputation

Advanced microprocessor controlled feet, knees, hands and fingers


Mechanical Products

Bionic Products

End-User Profile
Improving Mobility

Injury Solutions

People recovering from fractures, ligament, injuries or need a post operative treatment

Products stabilizing joints and improving healing

OA Solutions

People living with Osteoarthritis (OA)

Non Surgical treatment by unloading affected joint with braces


Injury Solutions

OA Solutions

Our Products


Össur’s prosthetics product portfolio includes a full range of premium lower and upper limb prosthetic components. The portfolio ranges from solutions to support low active individuals who may be challenged to maintain the ideal balance of safety, comfort, and mobility, to solutions designed to enable especially active people to excel and engage in high-impact activities.

Bracing & Supports

OA solutions

Össur’s osteoarthritis (OA) solutions are designed to enhance quality of life, reduce pain, and improve mobility for people living with osteoarthritis. Össur offers the Unloader One® range of knee braces that relieve pain from knee osteoarthritis, as well as the Unloader® Hip which is designed to reduce pain by optimizing load dispersion for patients suffering from mild and moderate osteoarthritis of the hip.

Injury Solutions

Össur’s injury solutions are designed for people recovering from fractures, ligament injuries or for those in need of post-operative treatment solutions. These solutions are designed to support the healing process of bone and soft tissue injuries. Several of these products come with the Functional Healing® seal that signifies a clinically validated healing solution that helps enhance the body’s natural healing process while maximizing mobility.

Who are the end-users that benefit from our solutions?

  • High and low active lower limb amputees
  • Upper limb amputees
  • Children living with limb loss
  • Athletes living with limb loss
Bracing & Supports
  • People that require post-operative treatment
  • People in rehabilitation for PCL ruptures
  • People requiring protection and joint stabilization
  • People with foot and ankle injuries that require immobilization
  • People with mild to severe osteoarthritis
  • People seeking treatment for venous ulcers and swelling