Össur nurtures an innovative culture that encourages continuous learning.

Innovation Strategy

Össur nurtures an innovative culture that encourages continuous learning. The Company considers innovation in all fronts. Össur’s R&D proactively manages the level of innovation to balance the innovation efforts between short term exploitation of existing know-how and long term exploration of new ideas.

Össur’s R&D innovation approach is indication based, meaning that only products that have medical indication and are clinically validated are brought to market. The aim is to deliver cost effective medical solutions that provide value for users and the healthcare system. When a product is being designed Össur accumulates medical and biomechanical data during the development process in order to verify product safety and efficacy before launch. Also, to obtain independent clinical evidence for product outcomes as well as health economic data, Össur initiates and promotes clinical studies in cooperation with leading scientists, institutions and healthcare professionals in the field.

Össur supports open collaboration within the industry and with the academy. Examples of such initiatives are a new Research Trust Fund that Össur and Ottobock jointly founded in 2016. The fund rests within the University of Iceland. It offers grants that support research which focuses on mind controlled prosthetics and neuro-interface prosthetic control.

Mind controlled Humonics solutions is the focus for Össur R&D for the next generation of prosthetics. Humonics go beyond Bionics and attempts to restore unmet needs of lost sensation, volitional control and human-like aesthetics including gestures. Humonics will leverage on sensory feedback technologies to provide intuitive mind controlled customized user centric devices that return the control to the prosthetic user.

Product higlights during the year

Unloader Hip
Rebound Hip
Form Fit

New Products in 2016

This year was a record year in terms of new product sales with 45 new products and product upgrades introduced to the market; 37 bracing and supports products and 8 prosthetics products.


Two new versions of the RHEO KNEE® were launched during the year. The RHEO KNEE® 3 (WP) which is the highest performing RHEO KNEE® to date, and RHEO KNEE® XC (WP) which is the most versatile product within the RHEO family allowing the most demanding users to benefit further from the technology.

Unloader® Hip

The Unloader® Hip brace, is the first brace in the market for hip osteoarthritis (OA) indication. The brace is designed to reduce pain by optimizing load dispersion and proprioceptive control for patients suffering from mild to moderate hip OA, thus contributing to hip stability and improved mobility.

Rebound® Hip

The Rebound® Hip brace is designed to provide motion restriction following hip surgery. Engineered with patient comfort and compliance in mind, its low-profile and lightweight design supports optimal post-surgical outcomes.

Form Fit® product line

Form Fit® , a redesigned bracing product line counting 21 new products in 2016. The Form Fit® product line is designed with a unified holistic look and feel reflecting the Össur brand. It entails a comprehensive collection of quality support solutions designed to support the treatment of various conditions and indications, while offering first-rate comfort and ease of use.

Össur 2016 Annual Report